Helping South Florida Become a Global Destination

Lesaruss Media believes in helping South Florida become a global destination for arts and culture. We produce digital programming and live experiences focusing on the arts, music, geek culture, education and plant-based living. Our goal is that more businesses and talent flock to the area to help transform our economy and encourage our top talent to reinvest in the South Florida community.



20+ years of professional marketing and production experience in music, sports and film.


15+ years working in marketing and production for the nation's sixth largest school district.

Plant-based Community

5+ years working with plant-based nonprofits, festivals and communities in the South Florida area.



Light Up the Night offers custom production services for parties and large events. The also own and operate the Hub, which is a venue in Mass District. We produced a video showcasing some of their services and relationship with Mass District.

The Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin provides members of the South Florida vegan community access to delicious food and products. They are located in North Miami Beach. We provided promotional services through Soflo Vegans.

Arts & Crafts Social Club is located at the Hive in Mass District and provides a large selection of craft beers in a welcoming environment. We provide video production services to spotlight their involvement with the monthly Fort Lauderdale Art Walk event.
Sean Russell is an entrepreneur and content marketer with over 15 years of professional experience. He served as a webmaster for the Miami Marlins and Broward County Public School, and produced digital content for over 300 entertainment brands including MTV, Nickelodeon, Live Nation and NBC. He founded Lesaruss Media Group in order to produce high-quality content for members of the South Florida community.  


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