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Building communities and digital content that supports the welfare of children, animals, and the environment.

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A digital media agency providing innovative marketing solutions for businesses in South Florida.

Work with us!

Lesaruss Media focuses on Building Communities

Our vision is to spread compassion, joy, abundance, and connection through communities that focus on children & education, animals & the environment, health & wellness and entertainment. We accomplish this by providing innovative marketing solutions for our community partners that connect them to our growing audience.

SoFlo Vegans is helping South Florida become a global hotspot for veganism. We are accomplishing this goal by creating events, digital content and innovative programs for local businesses.

Russell's Roving Reporters is an educational program that helps elementary school students learn about digital media literacy and develop leadership skills. It is a program under our Chester is Cool community.

SoFlo Vegans

SoFlo Vegans is a plant-based community dedicated to helping make South Florida a global hotspot for veganism. Businesses can reach thousands of customers by participating in our discount card program and by sponsoring our organization.

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Chester is Cool

Chester is Cool is a community that supports elementary schools by providing free online resources students can use both at school and at home. It is also the home for the Russell’s Roving Reporters program that has helped over 600 students learn how to produce videos and broadcast the news live to thousands of viewers.

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Sean Russell is an entrepreneur and content marketer with over 15 years of professional experience. He served as a webmaster for the Miami Marlins and Broward County Public Schools, and produced digital content for over 300 entertainment brands including MTV, Nickelodeon, Live Nation and NBC. He founded Lesaruss Media in order to produce high-quality content for members of the South Florida community.


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