Plant-based Marketing

Lesaruss Media believes in supporting brands looking to make a positive impact on the planet.

We specialize in brand management, creative development, and media production for brands servicing the plant-based community. Complete our intake form to begin scaling your operations and remove the pain of managing multiple marketing channels.

Consultation Services

Our experience includes over 27 years working with top brands including the Miami HEAT, Miami Marlins, MTV, NBC, and Broward County Public Schools.

Social Media

Brand Management

Allow Lesaruss Media to develop and execute a custom management strategy ranging from Web, Social Media, and  . 

Media Production

Creative Development

Our agency produces creative projects ranging from instructional videos for onboarding new team members, events, to feature-length movies for a global audience. 

Web Development

Plantbased Consulting

We service millions of plant-based individuals, businesses, and nonprofits by providing marketing consulting in a number of different areas.

Current Projects

Please review our current slate of projects to see examples of our work. Each project is managed by a dedicated team of professionals under the guidance of our founder, Sean Russell. Complete our intake form to schedule a call to see if your project is a good fit for Lesaruss Media.

SoFlo Vegans

SoFlo Vegans

Brand Management

Sexy Fit Vegan

Sexy Fit Vegan

Branding Management

Animal Hero Kids

Animal Hero Kids

Public Relations, Web Development/Management

Sean Russell is a professional with a genuine wish for your success. Animal Hero Kids is fortunate to benefit from Sean’s expertise and methodology, from the two pages of goals for our marketing plan to Sean’s timetable of achieving them, our association is a win-win.

Susan Hargreaves

Founder, Animal Hero Kids

Sean Russell

Meet Our Founder

Sean Russell is a media producer and consultant. He has over 26 years of experience working with Broward County Public Schools, MTV, Nickelodeon, Miami HEAT, Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins, and NBC.

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