Chester is Cool

Chester is Cool is a community that supports elementary schools by providing free online resources students can use both at school and at home. It is also the home for the Russell’s Roving Reporters program that has helped over 600 students learn how to produce videos and broadcast the news live to thousands of viewers.

About Chester is Cool

Chester is Cool provides resources for families with the goal of making a difference in the lives of children.

Russell's Roving Reporters is a program created by Sean Russell at Silver Ridge Elementary. It is a media production program that teaches students how to write scripts, film videos and produce a live news program to thousands of students. Over 600 elementary students have gone through this program since 2005.

Jorden from Russell's Roving Reporters Class of 2017-18 produced a story where he interviewed the program's founder, Mr. Russell. The interview also features clips of students sharing their thoughts about him as a teacher and facts about his past before he came to Silver Ridge Elementary.