Media Production

Lesaruss Media specializes in on-site and remote video production services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve encouraged our clients to shift towards producing video content using live streaming technology. We recommend and help you setup a studio for your home or office and produce content that promotes goods and services, while at the same time providing both education and entertainment for your customers.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are 3-10 minute videos that provide education on a topic related to your company. They are designed to raise awareness and build loyalty.

Social Video Overview
  • 60-second educational content designed specifically for Instagram and Facebook.
  • Includes a short 5-10 second promo at the end showcasing your business.
  • Increase trust and build brand loyalty over time.
  • Includes 2 hours of filming.
  • Each session produces five social media videos under 60 seconds in the length.
  • Visuals on the video reflect the company’s brand identity. Must provide Branding Kit before the project begins.
  • Complete Prescreening Questionnaire to discuss pricing. Choose Social Media Videos in the services section of the form.

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Sean Russell is a professional with a genuine wish for your success. Animal Hero Kids is fortunate to benefit from Sean’s expertise and methodology, from the two pages of goals for our marketing plan to Sean’s timetable of achieving them, our association is a win-win.

Susan Hargreaves

Founder, Animal Hero Kids