Podcast Production

Leverage Lesaruss Media’s over 13 years of podcasting experience. This includes securing multiple sponsorships and reaching over 1 million downloads. See what we have to offer below.

Available Services



Schedule a recorded virtual session to ask questions about setting up your podcast. You will receive a questionnaire before our meeting to help us make the best use of our time.



Serve as a producer for your podcast helping with the development, distribution, editing, and fundraising.



Professional audio engineering of your podcast. This includes optimizing audio levels, creative decision-making to tell the best possible story.

What to Expect

  • Complete Prescreening Questionnaire to discuss pricing.
  • Help develop your concept.
  • Provide recommendations and set up equipment for a home studio.
  • Producing episodes behind the scenes.
  • Edit episodes.
  • Release on all available Podcasting platforms.
  • Create micro-video content to promote on social channels.
  • Produce episodes weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Listen to Our Work

Sean Russell is a professional with a genuine wish for your success. Animal Hero Kids is fortunate to benefit from Sean’s expertise and methodology, from the two pages of goals for our marketing plan to Sean’s timetable of achieving them, our association is a win-win.

Susan Hargreaves

Founder, Animal Hero Kids

Our Experience

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